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Applied Neuroscience

Applied Neuroscience

Enjoy and use the current findings of brain research for your practice, your company and your personal development.

The question of how our brain works is one of the most exciting topics of our time. Our available knowledge about the structure and function of the brain and thus of the entire nervous system enriches medical, psychological and educational fields. It helps professional human resource management in companies to achieve profoundness, success and sustainability and provides professionals in psychotherapy and coaching, as well as interested lay people, with a deeper understanding of mental functions and psychosomatic connections.

Experience the magic of Neurosciense

Professional knowledge transfer with Damir del Monte means the fusion of scientific expertise, vividness, aesthetics and passion.

Top-class knowledge from brain research, psychology and medicine becomes a learning experience for you. Thanks to outstanding 3D visualisations, didactic finesse and humour, Damir del Monte transforms even profound and complex content into lightness, learning pleasure and amazement.
As neuroscientist he provides deep insights into brain processes, conveys bio-psycho-social connections, enables understanding, sets impulses, gives food for thought, stimulates personal development and shows how change processes can succeed.

The way Damir del Monte brings together and presents the knowledge of numerous disciplines is more than just lecturing, it is pure "Rock`n Roll"!

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Schubert

Dr. Damir del Monte is a brilliant brain expert whose ideas have informed, supported and developed all aspects of my Brainspotting-model. Anyone who studies Damir's concepts will be informed and enriched.

PhD David Grand

It is always impressive how vividly Damir del Monte presents neuroscience. More of it, please. I am the biggest fan!
Super keynote speaker, excellently prepared presentations, top speaker!

Dr. Julia Läkamp

Damir del Monte is an outstanding teacher and excellent didact in the field of neurobiology. He explains in a very clear and comprehensible way the complex relationships between the functional principles of the brain, the neurobiological levels of personality formation, the physical dimension of self-experience and the effects of stress and trauma.

Dr. Hans Peter Weidinger

A brilliant teacher and scientist, whose knowledge is greately appreciated by many. His style of teaching is engaging, as his personality, humanity, sense of humour and generosity are permeating. A truely inspiring professional and on top of that, a wonderful and kind man.

Monica Gos

Damir del Monte is a perfect trainer and teacher for me. He has an outstanding knowledge of neurobiology as well as general aspects of philosophical, psychological and sociological topics. He brings all this together in a wonderfully understandable way.

Prof. Dr. Rosmarie Barwinski