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As eye creatures, we humans perceive the world in its variety of colours and shapes. It therefore seems natural that pictorial representations meet our need for vividness. Since the structure of the brain is characterised by enormous complexity, our visualisations – produced with much love and effort – which give shape and vividness to the abstract, are helpful learning companions. Combining scientific accuracy, vividness and aesthetics, I guide you through fascinating brain worlds and turn the complex brain into a comprehensible adventure. Via our video productions, as well as via our YouTube channel, this adventure also comes to your home.

Together with my team from “Encephalon” I am pleased to welcome you to our -> YouTube chanal
Numerous video clips from brain research, psychology and medicine are waiting for you there.

Dr. Dr. Damir del Monte combines medicine, psychology and philosophy like no other. His professional knowledge is simply amazing. He conveys this concentrated knowledge in a well-founded and at the same time playful way. Thank you.

Mike Werder

I can watch, listen and learn from Damir for hours and days, fascinated. His knowledge is almost inexhaustible. It is a pleasure and honour to experience him as a lecturer or keynote speaker.

Roger Marquardt

It is fortunate that there are still scientists who, beyond the machine paradigm in medicine, point out that humans are relational beings. This seems to have been lost in the highly technical so-called health system in favour of professional idiocy and profit thinking. Thank you, dear Damir, for your clear words!

Dr. Gerd Wenninger