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About my keynotes

Whether in keynotes / lectures, seminars or in video formats: I guide you through fascinating brain worlds. It is my joy and speciality to transform complex knowledge into exciting and vivid stories. Every good story involves amazement, reflection, as well as joy and laughter. I translate neuroscientific, psychological and medical findings into therapeutic practice and use them to explore human thinking, feeling and acting. Immerse yourself in the neuro-universe with me. Let me inspire you – and entertain you at the same time.


Damir del Monte is unique as a teacher. I have been able to attend his brilliant knowledge presentations several times. Neurobiology, the developmental history of the brain and, derived from that, human thinking, acting and feeling with philosophical and socio-critical spice. A unique mixture!

Dr. Christoph Bäumer

Thanks to Damir del Monte, I understood the brain in its depth for the first time. Completely new ideas and concrete coaching interventions have emerged from this. I am deeply grateful for his special view of human thinking and feeling. An outstanding expert, a kind-hearted person and a gifted teacher.

Dirk W. Eilert

There is no scientist which is able to present with such exact knowledge and at the same an enormous enthousiast, basic attitude as Dr. Damir del Monte. His effort and enthousiasm makes science understandable in a way that I never encountered before in my career.

Marie Jose Boon

Damir del Monte is simply unmatched in his depth of knowledge. A wonderful person and an absolutely exceptional talent as a lecturer.
Thanks to you dear Damir for so much understanding and so many wonderful insights!

Sabine Hansen

The universe of neuroscience has enormous dimensions. Accordingly, commitment, knowledge and the art of vividly conveying this universe are important, as Dr. Del Monte is able to do to an incredible extent and has successfully practised for many years!

Dr. Helmut Schöller

Damir is a gifted speaker, his wealth of knowledge is virtually unlimited, he is practically always ahead of the times and presents us with tomorrow's medical knowledge today.

Dr. Hans Menning