The Happiness of Learning
Neuroscience & Psychology

About me

I was born in Zadar, on the Croatian coast, and live in Germany with my wife, who is from Madrid.
My studies and doctorate ( supervised by Prof. G. Fischer) were initially in psychology. My research focussed on psychotraumatology and learning research. This was accompanied by clinical training and specialisation in psychotherapy, trauma therapy and pain therapy.
This was followed by studies in medical science at the University of Heidelberg (preclinical) and the PMU Salzburg, where I completed my doctorate in neuroscientific depression research at the Institute for Synergetics and Psychotherapy Research under Prof. G. Schiepek. I continue to work at this institute as a freelance researcher.
As a lecturer in ˈFunctional Neuroanatomyˈ and ˈNeurobiology of Psychotherapyˈ I hold teaching positions at various European universities. As a keynote speaker, I have the pleasure of lecturing internationally and sharing my enthusiasm for neuroscience with many people. Finally, I am the managing director of Encephalon institute. In this way, practice, research, teaching and creativity mutually enrich each other and allow me to merge passion and profession.

About my philosophy

I see the human being as a mental and social being. However, the nature and form of his psychological and social-cultural traits are rooted in his biological nature. (Neuro-)Biology thus remains omnipresent in culture. Understanding human experience and action means pursuing this entanglement of brain and mind: What is the developmental history of the brain? How do humans perceive themselves and the world? How do learning and memory formation take place? How is the human personality formed? How do emotions work? What motivational systems exist? How is the social nature realised in the biological? Why is the social so power- and health-giving? What do stress and trauma do to the brain and psyche? What is pain? How are learning, change and healing possible?
To pursue these questions and to translate the current answers for therapeutic application, as well as for work and daily life, in such a way that understanding and joyful learning emerge from them….. That is my aim, my passion.